Welcome to the POD (Point of Dispensing) Toolkit! This is a one-stop shop for all things POD. The tools are categorized into the expandable menus below for easy access. Each drawer contains a summary of what to expect in each category.

New to PODs? Start with POD Basics with high-level introductions and basic training resources. 

New to PODs Resources

Not sure what a POD is? These resources will get you up to speed on what PODs are designed to do, and how they function when activated, and will allow you to understand key concepts that may be discussed at a training event or activation.

Job Action Sheets (JAS) outline specific roles in the POD and provide a simplified bullet list of procedures for checking in/out of a POD along with expected duties during service. If planning to attend a POD exercise or activation, please print and bring these for your reference.

Job Action Sheets (Word Document)

Want to get connected to alerts for the POD or drum up volunteers in your community? This section contains volunteer recruitment letters, guides, strategies & tools for creating public awareness, links to register with SERV SD to receive updates about POD activities, and more. All POD volunteers should register with SERV SD for effective communication during an emergency.




Administrative Tools

Primarily for key position leaders of the POD, this section contains templates for exercises (HSEEP) and links to advanced training resources. It also includes floorplan samples to use in designing proper clinic flow through your POD.




This provides a CDC link outlining PHEP Operational Readiness Review Guidance. The minimum annual requirements for PODs, plus details on the annual review requirement process are located under Capability Eight. These requirements enable proper funding of the POD and serve as the foundation for POD Capabilities.

Use these tools to prepare for meetings, exercises, and activations. Dives deeper into the organizational functions that PODs are required to fulfill. Here you will find the PHEP POD Manager Checklist. There is also a calculator to improve workflow and eliminate bottlenecks (POD simPLER), POD site assessments, POD Plan reviewer guidance, and various other forms.




CDC/DOH guidance on ordering vaccine, proper vaccine storage & transport, and consent forms. NOTE: Always prefer current Standing Orders over the toolkit examples as each vaccine will have its own requirements.

Sample sign-in sheets, inventory trackers, emergency contact forms, templates for After Action Reports (AAR), and more.