Tobacco use has left a dark mark on South Dakotans of all shapes and sizes, whether they smoke themselves or they simply come into contact with secondhand or thirdhand smoke.

Using cigarettes or cigars can cause a ton of health problems — including many kinds of cancer, heart disease, stroke, and more. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death, disease, and disability.

The harmful effects of tobacco don't stop with smoking cigarettes — vaping and smokeless tobacco use are just as dangerous for the user. If you're ready to quit your tobacco habit, contact the South Dakota QuitLine for guidance and quit assistance.

Find information on the dangers of tobacco use, reasons to quit, helping someone quit, youth and young adult tobacco use, resources for coalitions, and more. Visit Quit SD if you fit into one of these audiences:

  • Adults — General tobacco users, seniors, parents, pregnant and postpartum women
  • Youth — Middle schoolers, high schoolers, and young adults
  • Native Americans — Youth, tribal or community leaders, adults, etc.
  • Coalitions — Prevention groups, community leaders, educators, etc.
  • Health care Providers

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