Scrubs Camp

Scrubs Camps, also known as "South Dakota Healthcare Career Camps," are educational programs aimed at high school students who are interested in exploring healthcare careers. These camps provide participants with an opportunity to learn about various healthcare professions, gain hands-on experience, and interact with healthcare professionals.

The Scrubs Camps are organized by the South Dakota Department of Health and its partners, with the goal of inspiring and encouraging students to pursue careers in healthcare. The camps aim to expose students to different healthcare fields, spark their interest, and provide them with valuable insights into the industry.

The camps offer a range of activities, including interactive workshops, simulations, presentations, and field trips to healthcare facilities. Participants have the chance to engage in practical experiences such as observing medical procedures, practicing basic medical skills, and learning about healthcare technologies.

By participating in Scrubs Camps, students can explore various healthcare career options, such as nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, physical therapy, medical research, and more. They have the opportunity to interact with professionals from these fields, ask questions, and gain a deeper understanding of the educational requirements and potential career paths within healthcare.

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Examples of some of the camp's content: