Newborn Screening Program for Providers

Newborn blood spot screening can detect serious conditions early, allowing for prompt treatment and a better outcome for the child.

As a provider, it is important to understand the importance of newborn blood spot screening and your role in ensuring the health and well-being of infants long-term with this testing in the first two days.

Your role as a provider is to ensure that the specimen is collected correctly and submitted in a timely manner, as some disorders require early diagnosis and treatment to prevent the onset of symptoms.

By working with the State Hygienic Laboratory at the University of Iowa and following the specimen collection and handling guidelines, you can help ensure that infants receive the best possible welcome to life.

Newborn Screening Provider / Parent Refusal Form

Medical Professional Newborn Screening Results Form

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Newborn Screening Training Materials and Resources for Hospital laboratory and Nursery Staff

Newborn Blood Spot Screening Program Resources



The South Dakota Newborn Screening Program designated contract laboratory is the State Hygienic Laboratory at the University of Iowa (SHL). SHL is the only authorized laboratory to conduct newborn screening services for infants born in the State of South Dakota. All newborn screening blood spot specimens obtained in South Dakota must be submitted to SHL.

Based in Ankeny, IA, SHL provides highly specialized, life-saving newborn screening testing for babies born in Iowa, North Dakota, Alaska, and South Dakota. Newborn screening laboratory services are carried out 365 days/year, including holidays, weekends, and nights. Other newborn screening laboratory services include courier pick-up and provider notification of retesting and confirmatory testing recommendations.

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To learn more about the services provided by South Dakota's Newborn Screening Program and the conditions it screens for, download this pamphlet.