Pregnancy Care Program

The Pregnancy Care Program was developed by the South Dakota Department of Health to ensure that every child in South Dakota has the best possible start to life. In addition to valuable resources and education, the program offers a range of services to support the health of mothers and their children, including prenatal care, infant health, early childhood development, and parenting support.

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Key components of the Pregnancy Care Program:

The program offers helpful information and resources to guide expectant parents through each stage of pregnancy. It focuses on the importance of prenatal care, healthy lifestyle choices, and the development of a strong support network.

The Pregnancy Care Program promotes infant health and focuses on reducing the risk of infant mortality. The program provides guidance on safe sleep practices, immunizations, breastfeeding support, depression screenings, nutrition, and early detection of developmental delays or health issues.

Recognizing the critical importance of early childhood development, the Pregnancy Care Program offers resources and tools to help parents nurture their child's cognitive, social, and emotional growth. It provides information on age-appropriate milestones, early intervention services, and access to early childhood education programs.

Mothers and the father/partner can enhance their parenting skills and knowledge with connections to workshops, support groups, parenting classes, and access to professional guidance from healthcare experts.

The Pregnancy Care Program actively works with community organizations, healthcare providers, and stakeholders to create a comprehensive support network for families, ensuring a unified and effective approach to maternal and child health.

Perinatal Services

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The South Dakota Pregnancy Care Program provides the following services to improve pregnancy outcome:

  • Risk assessment of pregnant women
  • Monthly visits with a nurse during pregnancy and once after baby is born
  • Education on having a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby
  • Referral to community resources

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