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Student FAQs

Scrubs Camps are day-long events where you will hear from a variety of healthcare professionals who will discuss what they do and how they got into their professions. You will also have a chance to experience these professions through many fun, interactive activities throughout the day. You will learn about the educational requirements for each profession and hear about what you should do throughout your high school years to help plan for a career in the healthcare industry.

Each camp varies slightly, however, the general format is the same from camp to camp. Upon arriving at the camp, you will register and receive your camp materials. Throughout the day, you will go to several sessions and hear from approximately 5-10 healthcare speakers, perform many hands-on healthcare career-related activities, and learn more about educational opportunities in South Dakota. Lunch will be served on-site. Camps will run from approximately 8:30 am - 3:30 pm. 

There is no charge to attend any of the Scrubs Camps held throughout the state.

In order to ensure that all students who wish to attend a camp get this opportunity, we ask that you limit your camp selections to two.

You may attend whichever camp(s) you wish.

Yes. Scrubs Camps are a good opportunity to explore many health careers. You may find the exact career you want to pursue or you may completely change your mind!