Information sharing is the ability to conduct multi-jurisdictional, multidisciplinary exchange of public health and medical related information and situational awareness between the healthcare system and local, state, Federal, tribal and territorial levels of government and the private sector. This includes the sharing of healthcare information through routine coordination with the Joint Information System for dissemination to the local, state and Federal levels of government and the community in preparation for and response to events or incidents of public health and medical significance.

Enrolling in SDHAN

Each SDHAN user is assigned to at least one role. Roles represent a unique descriptive naming convention that groups associated similar duty titles together. To increase flexibility, users may be assigned to multiple roles and roles may be combined into role groups.

The system has the potential to ensure that each community has rapid and timely access to emergency health information and procedures for effective public health preparedness, response and service on a 24/7 basis.

The main target groups for the SDHAN are first responders, healthcare professionals and other related personnel that support emergency preparedness and disaster response. These individuals are invited to register for membership in the SDHAN.

This is a secure system and information collected is not be used for any other purpose or shared with anyone.

Upon acceptance, each member will be issued a UserID, a temporary password and the weblink to log on. At log in, they will be asked to complete their occupational and contact information which will be used to contact and/or alert them in the event of an emergency.

The South Dakota Department of Health, Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response is ready to answer your questions or assist you in becoming familiar with HAN system and the alerting process.

Please call 1-877-333-5404 if you have questions or problems.

Register for Membership

The South Dakota Health Alert Network is made possible by a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Additional information regarding Health Alert Networks can be found at

Inoperable Communications

Clear and reliable communications during an emergency are essential for an effective response.

The South Dakota Hospital Preparedness Program utilizes multiple systems to communicate both horizontally and vertically with all response partners. The use of multiple systems provides for a redundant communication system in case one or more systems are unavailable.