SD Health Alert Network

South Dakota Health Alert Network (SDHAN)

When a disaster or terrorist event threatens the health or welfare of South Dakota citizens, a fast efficient and reliable communication system is essential to get the word out. Providing information accurately and quickly can prevent the spread of illness and save lives.

The South Dakota Health Alert Network (SDHAN) is a web-based, highly reliable, persistent messaging and alerting system that utilizes e-mail, fax, phone (land line and cell), pages and text messaging systems to provide timely alert messages to registered users. There are three parts to the system:

  1. Alerting system — alerts members and communicates pertinent information
  2. Public directory — locates other members by either name or role
  3. Collaboration tool - maintains current communications between members and organizations

The main target groups for the SDHAN are first responders, healthcare professionals and other related personnel that support emergency preparedness and disaster response. These individuals are invited to register for membership in the SDHAN.

Visit the SDHAN website and sign up to become a member/log in for current members.