Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Massage Therapy

Board Meeting Minutes



Board of Directors Meeting
April 30, 2012
Holiday Inn Express, Ft. Pierre

Present:  Jim Carlon, Linda Zeller, Karen Kappel, Rebecca Dykema, Twyla Fritz, Laura Woitte, Steve Blair, and Joyce Vos

Guests that spoke:  Department of Health Secretary Doneen Hollingsworth and Rhanda Heller

The meeting was called to order at 9:03am. 

1.& 2.    Introductions were exchanged with Secretary Hollingsworth since she had never attended a meeting.  She addressed the board and requested the board move into Executive Session.

M/S/P Woitte/Zeller to move into Executive Session at 9:15am to meet with the Board’s attorney regarding contractual matters and for the reasons as stated by Secretary Hollingsworth related to the performance of public officers.

M/S/P Fritz/Kappel to move into General Session at 10:07am.

3.           M/S/P Woitte/Fritz in contested case 2012-05 to deny Susie Craig a license and authorize President Dykema to sign the legal paperwork upon preparation by the legal counsel. 

4.           M/S/P Kappel/Woitte to approve the March 12, 2012 Minutes as presented.

5.           M/S/P Woitte/Zeller to approve the renewal of annual membership to the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards commencing July 2012.

6.           The board reviewed the current financial.  Staff was directed to post current financials on the website when available.

Rhanda Heller addressed the board.

M/S/P Woitte/Zeller to move into Executive Session at 11am to consider and discuss pending litigation and discuss contractual matters with the Board’s attorney.

M/S/P Zeller/Woitte to move into General Session at 12:44pm.

M/S/P Fritz/Kappel to accept the settlement as presented in cases 2011-05,-06,-07 and authorize President Dykema to sign the legal paperwork when prepared.

M/S/P Woitte/Kappel to accept the settlement as presented in case 2011-15 and authorize President Dykema to sign the legal paperwork today.

M/S/P Woitte/Zeller to close the files on 2012-02,-03,-04 today.

Licensee in case 2011-12 is appealing in circuit court.

M/S/P Fritz/Zeller to Notice the licensee in case 2011-16 to a hearing on June 18.

Let the record reflect, the board made these requirements for Staff:

  • Post the agenda on the website prior to the meeting

  • Post the current financial on the website

  • Minutes need to follow Robert’s Rules of Order

  • Submit draft Minutes to a board member for review/changes before they’redistributed in the packet

  • Send the draft of newsletters to the board before printing or posting to the website – which is the preferred method

M/S/P Zeller/Woitte to issue an RFP for the consultant contract and to have the board and DOH create the job description to be used.

M/S/P Woitte/Zeller to extend the existing contract 90 days past the expiration with a 3% increase.

M/S/P Zeller/Kappel to issue an RFP for an electronic records system.

The next two board meetings have been scheduled for September 17 and November 5.

M/S/P Kappel/Woitte to adjourn the meeting at 1:56.