Board of Massage Therapy Inactive License

Get valuable information and resources for massage therapists who wish to temporarily deactivate their license in the state of South Dakota. We provide answers to frequently asked questions regarding inactive licenses, addressing concerns about continuing education requirements, reactivating your license, and more.

What is an Inactive License and why would one choose it?

You may choose to let your license become inactive if you are no longer planning to practice massage therapy for a period of time. (ARSD 20:76:06:01)

You can reactive your inactive license to full license status at any time by showing proof of continuing education for the preceding two-year period, proof of liability insurance, and completing the application to reactivate your license.

Inactive status is most beneficial to licensees who received their license through the original grandfather provisions of the massage therapy licensing laws.   Those massage therapists grandfathered into licensure did not have to provide proof of education at the time of initial licensure.  If a grandfathered licensee were to allow that license to lapse, the licensee would be subject to licensure under the current education standards.

By electing to allow the license to go inactive, the grandfathered licensee maintains the original licensure which can be reinstated as a full license at a later date without having to meet the current education standards.

How do I move my license from active to inactive status?

In order to move your license to inactive status, you need to complete the Application for Inactive License and send your current license and $25 to the Board.

Fill out Application for License Reactivation