Pharmacy technicians play a crucial role in supporting pharmacists and ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of medications to patients. On this page, you will find details on the educational and training requirements for becoming a pharmacy technician, as well as the application process for licensure.

Application Requirements

Before you can apply for a South Dakota technician registration, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. be a high school graduate or have a GED, and
  2. be employed in South Dakota as a pharmacy technician

A technician has 30 days from their employment start date to obtain their registration. For additional information regarding technician registration, technician certification, registration renewal deadline, and fees, click here

If you have ever been employed as a technician in SD, do not complete a new technician registration application.  You have an assigned technician number and must complete a technician renewal application even if your registration has expired.

If you forgot your technician's number, retrieve your number here

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