Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology Continuing Education Requirements

Continuing Education Requirements

The South Dakota Board of Speech-Language Pathology would like to remind you that per Administrative Rule ARSD 20:79:02:05 in order to renew your license you must provide proof of having completed 20 contact hours or 2.0 units of continuing education (one contact hour of continuing education is equal to .10 units).

FAQs About Continuing Education Requirements

All levels of licensure are required to have continuing education and proof of completing continuing education is required at the time of licensure renewal.

During renewal time the board office will only accept continuing education relevant to that licensure period. For example, for the 2017 renewal we will accept CEU's obtained from 10/01/2015 through 10/01/2017.  

Continuing education can be completed through the American Speech-Language Hearing Association or ASHA approved providers. The Board will automatically accept continuing education from either of these providers as long as it was obtained within the licensure period.

Formal education such as courses or presentations in which the content related to the practice of Speech-Language Pathology will also be considered but must be approved through the Board office.

You will be required to fill out the "CEU Prior Approval" form which can be located in the licensing section on the Board website. You can fax, email, or mail the form along with a copy of the course agenda and description. The Board will review your request and if approved, you will be issued a program number. During the renewal period you will need to send in the approval form with your program number attached to your certificate of attendance or, you can simply write the program number on your certificate of attendance. If you choose to write it on the certificate please just make sure it is both noticeable and legible!

The best thing to do would be to contact the course administrator/instructor to see if they have requested CEU's for the course or program. If so, they should be able to provide you with a certificate of attendance that has the approved corresponding program number listed. If they have not requested CEU's then you can submit your form per the instructions in #4 above.

We currently manage files for over 600 Speech-Language Pathologists. Keeping up with everyone's individual documentation is just not feasible.

Please only send copies of your certificates of attendance with your renewal application. Due to filing constraints CEU documentation will be destroyed once they have been verified and the license has been renewed. It is important to keep copies for your own personal records.

Per ARSD 20:79:02:05 all licensees are required to complete a minimum of 20 contact hours or 2.0 units of continuing education for each two-year renewal period. Send in copies of your certificates of attendance (or proof of attendance) with your renewal form (Please note that the board office will not accept certificates sent separate from the renewal form. All documents should be mailed together at the time of the renewal). Be sure to keep copies of all certificates of attendance for your own records.

Continuing education can be completed through the American Speech-Language Hearing-Association, ASHA approved providers, or formal education courses/presentations in which the objectives relate to the practice of Speech-Language Pathology. Please contact the board office if you want to get a course pre-approved for continuing education credit.

One quarter hour college coursework equals 10 contact hours of continuing education. One semester hour academic coursework equals 15 contact hours of continuing education.

Please feel free to email or call the Board office at 605-642-1600 if you have any questions regarding continuing education. We are here to help!