Guidelines and policy statements play a crucial role in shaping public health practices, healthcare delivery, and decision-making processes. On this web page, you will find a diverse range of resources that cover various aspects of the practice of pharmacy.

Policy Statement Number

23-09-14 - Updated USP <795>, USP <797>, USP <800>, and USP <825> Chapters Will Be Enforceable on November 1, 2023

22-06-24 - Emergency Use of Covid-19 Vaccines for Young Children as Young as 6 Months of Age

22-01-03 - Guidelines and Process to Utilize a 4:1 Technician to Pharmacist Ratio in Retail Pharmacy

22-09-04 - Transfer of Prescriptions

18-04-30 - Remote Pick-Up Sites Including Automated Devices and Kiosks

17-06-12 - Transferring E-Prescribed or Written Prescriptions

17-06-02 - What May be Changed on a Controlled Substance Prescription


11-06-03 - Pharmacist Changing Quantity Dispensed

10-12-03 - Pharmacists or Other Pharmacy Employees Working at Home

09-05-01 - Off-Site After Hours Hospital Pharmacy Services

09-05-04 - Repackaging Patient's Own Medications

Example of Prepack Record #1

Example of Prepack Record #2

08-12-12 - Starter Packs