Naloxone Standing Order

Pharmacists play a critical role in preventing opioid deaths by increasing statewide access to Naloxone. Through a standing order issued by Mary S. Carpenter, MD, with the SD Departments of Health and Social Services, Naloxone can now be requested and dispensed by pharmacists in South Dakota to any person who is:

  • An individual at risk of experiencing an opioid-related overdose; and/or
  • A family member, friend, or close third party to a person at risk of experiencing an opioid-related overdose

Get Detailed Information and Supporting Documents and Forms Regarding the Standing Order and Naloxone Distribution

A prescription from a doctor or medical provider is not required. Some insurances cover Naloxone and funding is also available through the SD Department of Social Services (SD DSS) to cover the associated costs for those who do not have insurance coverage.

While all South Dakota pharmacists (with an active license) can dispense Naloxone under the statewide standing order, there are six (6) simple steps to follow before being able to dispense Naloxone. The steps are:

  1. Print and review the statewide standing order. Participating pharmacies must keep a printed copy of the statewide standing order on premises.
  2. Join the statewide participating pharmacy list. This will help to generate a list of participating pharmacies and allow the SD DSS to contact your pharmacy should there be any changes to the standing order.
  3. Complete one hour of training. All pharmacists who plan to dispense Naloxone must complete at least 1 hour of training related to Naloxone dispensing and administration.
  4. Complete eligibility assessment forms. Pharmacies must complete a short eligibility assessment form for every individual who receives Naloxone. These forms must be filled out before dispensing, be maintained with pharmacy records for at least two years, and be available for inspection and copying by the SD Board of Pharmacy.
  5. Provide patient education. Patients who receive Naloxone under the standing order must receive verbal and written education about signs of an overdose, overdose response steps, and how to use Naloxone. The SD DSS has developed print materials for pharmacy use that can be requested and shipped to your pharmacy at no cost.
  6. Submit quarterly reports. Pharmacies distributing Naloxone will be required to submit quarterly data reports.


For further questions, please contact the SD DSS, Division of Behavioral Health at or call 605-367-5236.