Board of Pharmacy Complaints

Complaint Procedure

Filing a Complaint about a Pharmacist

Complaints or concerns about a pharmacist can be filed with the Board of Pharmacy at 4001 W. Valhalla Blvd., Suite 106, Sioux Falls, SD 57106.  Complaints must be in writing.  The complaint needs to explain briefly the violation that is believed to have been committed by the pharmacist.  The complaint must be signed and the Board must have an address and telephone number where the individual reporting the complaint may be contacted.

Disciplinary Actions

Complaints Procedure Used by the Board of Pharmacy after a Complaint Has Been Received

  1. Please complete this Complaint Form and send to the South Dakota Board of Pharmacy.
    Complaint Form
  2. The Board’s Executive Secretary and/or Board Inspectors shall act as the Board’s investigator for all complaints against a pharmacist, and / or pharmacy.  

  3. The Board’s Executive Secretary will send a form letter to the complainant which:
    a. acknowledges receipt of the complaint;
    b. identifies the Inspector;
    c. informs the complainant that the allegations against the pharmacist have been received;
    d. notifies the complainant that a release of medication or medical information may be necessary to aid in the investigation; and
    e. informs the complainant that disposition on the complaint will be reported to the complainant.

  4. The Board’s inspector shall conduct a preliminary investigation of all complaints received in writing. The Board’s inspector shall contact the pharmacist-in-charge at the pharmacy listed in the complaint. The Inspector will inform the pharmacist-in-charge that the Board has received a complaint against the pharmacist and / or pharmacy and will inform the pharmacist-in-charge of the substance of the complaint. The Inspector may contact the complainant for additional information.

  5. Once the Board Inspector’s preliminary investigation is complete, the Board Inspector must brief the Board’s Executive Secretary. The Board’s Executive Secretary shall then decide if further action is warranted. Either the Board’s inspector, Executive Secretary, designated member, or the Board as a whole may consult with appointed legal counsel from the Attorney General’s Office at any time regarding legal and procedural properties.

  6. Substantive decisions regarding what, if any, sanctions are warranted will be left up to the Board as a whole.