Board of Massage Therapy Complaints


The mission of the South Dakota Board of Massage Therapy is to protect the health and safety of the public by mandatory licensure of qualified persons and enforcement of the statutes, rules, and regulations governing the practice of Massage Therapy, including processing and investigating properly filed complaints and holding hearings as warranted.

To file a complaint with the Board, please complete a complaint form and submit it to the Board of Massage Therapy at

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The Board reviews and investigates complaints against massage therapists licensed by the State of South Dakota. (Please note: The Board does not have jurisdiction over unlicensed individuals “to report the practice of massage therapy within South Dakota by an unlicensed individual, please contact your local law enforcement department or state's attorney's office." Practicing massage therapy in South Dakota without a license is considered a Class 1 Misdemeanor.) These complaints are resolved both formally and informally. Formal actions by the Board are noted below.

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Board Actions

2022 – Hailing Zhang - License Temporarily Suspended (pending the results of a hearing) - December 2022
2021 – There were no disciplinary actions
2020 – There were no disciplinary actions
2019 – There were no disciplinary actions
2018 – There were no disciplinary actions
2017 – There were no disciplinary actions
2016  Yufang Xie, License #MT11217 - License Revoked - March 2016
2015 – There were no disciplinary actions.
2014 – There were no disciplinary actions.
2013 – There were no disciplinary actions.
2012  Jerry L. Boes, License #MT10071 - License Revoked - August 2012
          Megan S. Thurman, License #MT 10975 - Public Reprimand - April 2012
2011  There were no disciplinary actions.
2010  There were no disciplinary actions.
2009  There were no disciplinary actions.
2008  There were no disciplinary actions.
2007  There were no disciplinary actions.

File a Complaint FAQs

Anyone can file a complaint with the Board. Complaints can be filed against a licensed massage therapist or against someone practicing massage therapy without a license.

To file a complaint, please complete the Complaint Form, or contact the Board at

A list of the formal disciplinary actions taken by the Board is listed on the page. Some complaints are resolved informally or without public sanctions.  The number of those actions is noted on the website, but the resolution of those actions is not made public.