Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Massage Therapy

Board Meeting Minutes

March 12, 2012
Holiday Inn Express, Ft. Pierre

Present:  Karen Kappel, Twyla Fritz, Linda Zeller, Rebecca Dykema, Laura Woitte, Steve Blair, Jim Carlon, and Joyce Vos

The meeting was called to order at 10:00am.  Blair asked to have an ongoing case added to the Executive Session and Staff asked to add a general session item about electronic records management.

M/S/P Fritz/Zeller to move into Executive Session at 10:02am.

M/S/P Woitte/Fritz to move into General Session at 12:12pm.

M/S/P Woitte/Zeller to concur with Blair that he sends a Notice of Intent Not To Renew the three licenses due to a revocation of their school’s status.

M/S/P Zeller/Kappel to concur with Blair that he offer a settlement agreement to the licensee in cases 2011-05, 06, 07.

M/S/P Woitte/Kappel to concur with Blair that we renew the license in case 2011-15 and that he send the licensee a Notice of Contested Case Hearing with a settlement offer of a public reprimand.

M/S/P Woitte/Fritz to concur with Blair that he send a Notice of Hearing for the new case.

Investigation of case 2011-16 will continue.

The next two meeting dates were scheduled as Monday, April 30 and June 18, starting at 9:30am.  Staff will make the location arrangements and let the attorneys know asap.

It was confirmed that Staff could publish the licensee’s disciplinary action on the website in case 2010-01.

4.           The written comments that arrived after the Public Rules Hearing will be added to the file as required.

5.           Staff was directed to notify Susie Craig that a license cannot be issued since her educational records do not show compliance to the requirements and that she is entitled to a hearing.

6.           This item was moved to Executive Session per Carlon due to the possibility of litigation.

7.           M/S/P Woitte/Zeller to approve the Minutes of the January meeting as presented.

              M/S/P Zeller/Fritz to approve the Minutes of the February Public Rules Hearing as presented.

8.           M/S/P Zeller/Woitte to contract services with the Staff office for $38,000 plus $11,000 to cover the board’s operating expenses and send along a letter to the Department qualifying the increased requirement for Staff services.

9.           M/S/P Woitte/Kappel to authorize Staff to lease Business Document Management Solutions from Active Data Systems for the electronic records management they requested.

10.         Woitte reported on the FSMTB conference she attended last Fall.  Human trafficking was the topic of concern across the States.  A topic was about building a national database to track movement of applicants that were denied licenses from State to State.  Another topic was developing a similarity in licensing requirements among States for licensee portability.

              The next conference is scheduled for New Orleans in the Fall and all the members were encouraged to attend for educational purposes.

11.         Staff informed the board about 2012 legislation that changes all board terms to begin and end at the end of October instead of June as it’s always been.

              Officer elections will occur at a summer meeting.

              The current financials were presented as informational.

              Lists of new, expired, and inactive licensees were presented as informational.

M/S/P Zeller/Woitte to adjourn the meeting at 2pm.