Board of Nursing Facility Administrators Licensing Requirements

Applications & Documents


An applicant who would like to petition for a review by the Board to determine if the requirements outlined in SDCL 36-1D-1 have been satisfied must submit an application, applicable fees, and documentation for review. For any South Dakota requirement you do not meet, please submit documentation that demonstrates substantial equivalence with the South Dakota requirement. You may contact our office if you would like to discuss your specific circumstances or if you have questions regarding the documentation necessary for a review to be conducted.

Licensing Requirements FAQs

Please review the License Application.  This form includes all options for licensure, including the AIT program.

An applicant that holds a current license from another state can apply for a license in South Dakota by completing the Application for Reciprocal Licensure.

Every person who holds a valid license as a nursing facility administrator issued by the board shall apply biennially by December 31 of even-numbered years to the board for a renewal of license. A licensee need not be actively practicing as a nursing facility administrator to be eligible to renew the license. However, a minimum of 40 clock hours of continuing education pertaining to health care or business administration is required biennially for renewal of license.