Board of Hearing Aid Dispensers and Audiologists Complaints

Complaint Form

Complaint Form Instructions and Information

Please mail the completed form to the Board office at 810 N. Main St. Suite 298,
Spearfish, SD 57783.

Complaints received against a licensee must be in writing, identify the applicant or licensee,
and must include the allegations giving rise to the complaint. The Board office may request
additional information from you. If you fail to respond, your complaint may be dismissed
without further action. Please be advised, that the licensee will receive a copy of the complaint
and it may also become public record if a contested case is initiated.

Upon Board office receipt of a properly written complaint, a copy is sent to the licensee. The
licensee has 20 days to respond to allegations and concerns in writing to the Board office.

Once a response is received, a Board member may be assigned to investigate the matter and
an investigative committee may be formed. The investigative committee will consist of the
investigating Board member, legal counsel, and Board staff. During the investigation, the
existence of the complaint is confidential to everyone except the subject of the complaint and
the exchange of information and procedures are confidential.

If violations are found in the investigative process, informal or formal dispositions may be used
to resolve the complaint. Be informed, that although the Board is proceeding as quickly as possible,
this is generally a lengthy process. It is possible that the matter may proceed to a formal
hearing before the Board, at which time sworn testimony would be required.

If the investigating committee determines that the complaint is without merit or not sufficient
evidence to prove a violation of statute or administrative rule, the complaint may also be
dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. Regardless of the outcome of the complaint, you will be
notified upon disposition.

For more information on Chapter 36-1C, Uniform Complaint and Declaratory Ruling
Procedures please visit:

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