Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology

Board Minutes for November 3, 2016 Teleconference


Brittany Schmidt, President
Jane Heinemeyer, Vice-President
Shirley Hauge, Member
Kristin Gohn, Member
Connie Tucker, Lay Member





Carol Tellinghuisen, Executive Secretary

Brooke Tellinghuisen Geddes, Executive Assistant

Jill Lesselyoung, Executive Assistant

Ann Mines Bailey, Assistant Attorney General
Deb Flynn, Mitchell Technical Institute
Cheryl Thaler, South Central Cooperative

President Schmidt called the meeting to order at 8:40 AM MT.

CORRECTIONS OR ADDITIONS TO THE AGENDA:  Schmidt asked to re-arrange the agenda items in order to vote on topics before some members exited the meeting.

APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES:  Heinemeyer moved and Gohn seconded to approve the minutes from July 21, 2016.  Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote.

Data Collection/Board Office Technology Upgrade: Discussion was held on the topic of upgrading the data system and equipment in the Board office to meet the requirements of the Data Collection required by the state as well as the growing need of the Board office. Following discussion, the Board determined they would like to see a quote on the price before a decision can be determined to move forward.

Documentation of Supervision for SLPA:  Discussion was held on the topic of collecting the Annual Supervision Validation for SLPA’s. Mines Bailey advised it was within the Boards authority to require this form if they wish. Hauge moved and Gohn seconded to not require the Annual Supervision Validation for SLPA’s at this time. Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote.

Heinemeyer exited the meeting at 9:00AM MT.

FY FINANCIAL UPDATE:  Lesselyoung reported fiscal year to date figures as of September 30, 2016: year to date revenue of $11,401.23; expenditures of $10,278.26 and cash balance of $111,137.64.

Revisions to frequently asked questions: Lesselyoung reported the revisions the Board office has proposed to the Frequently Asked Questions on the website as some were outdated and more clarification on certain topics was needed. Following discussion, the Board decided the revisions were appropriate to post to the website.

Renewal Update: Tellinghuisen-Geddes reported the renewal update from the 2016 renewal period. The majority of licensees have renewed their licenses as well as most Provisional Licensees moved to permanent licensure.

Any other business:  The Board discussed the topic of a liaison between the Board and the Association. Following discussion, the Board decided they would send agendas to the Association representative before each meeting.  In addition, the Board discussed the process of commentary and questions from the public at Board meetings.  Tellinghuisen suggested that anyone with a specific question send to the Board office in advance of the meeting in an effort to get that item placed on the agenda.  If the public has comment on a current agenda item, they are welcome to comment when the President asks for public commentary.

Schedule Next meeting:   The next three meetings have been scheduled for January 5th, April 6th, and October 5th, 2017 at 8:30 AM MT/ 9:30 AM CT. Hauge moved and Gohn seconded to adjourn meeting at 9:46 AM MT. Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote.