Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology

Official Board Minutes for January 28, 2016 Teleconference



Brittany Schmidt, President

Jane Heinemeyer, Vice-President

Shirley Hauge, Member

Kristin Gohn, Member



Connie Tucker, Lay Member


Carol Tellinghuisen, Executive Secretary

Brooke Tellinghuisen Geddes, Executive Assistant

Jill Lesselyoung, Executive Assistant

Ann Mines, Assistant Attorney General

Jerry Aberle


President Schmidt called the meeting to order at 8:34 AM MT.




ELECTION OF OFFICERS:  Hauge nominated and Heinemeyer seconded to re-elect Schmidt as Board President.  Motion carried by roll call vote; Schmidt, yes; Heinemeyer, yes; Hauge, yes; Gohn; yes.  Hauge nominated and Gohn seconded to re-elect Heinemeyer as Board Vice President. Schmidt, yes; Heinemeyer, yes; Hauge, yes; Gohn; yes.


APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES:  Heinemeyer moved and Schmidt seconded to approve the minutes from September 3, 2015.  Motion carried by roll call vote; Schmidt, yes; Heinemeyer, yes; Hauge, yes; Gohn, yes.


FY FINANCIAL UPDATE:  Lesselyoung reported fiscal year to date figures as of December 31, 2015: year to date revenue of $78,190.00; expenditures of $18,005.22 and cash balance of $118,055.30.


Report from Heinemeyer on NCSB Conference:  Heinemeyer updated the Board on her experience at the NCSB Conference that she attended in October. Among various topics including Universal Licensure, the topic of telepractice was discussed. Schmidt advised that the Board needs a universal practice on how to handle telepractice. Tellinghuisen advised there needs to be some nationally established guidelines on this topic that the Board can adopt.  Everyone agreed telepractice should be discussed by the Board at a later date.


FTC Staff Guidance on Active Supervision of State Regulatory Boards:  Bailey advised that the Board should be generally aware of this case and that it could arise in a disciplinary situation. Heinemeyer questioned the disciplinary process and Tellinghuisen advised that the state is giving more oversight because of the North Carolina case.


Licensing Boards and Commission Data Collection Update: Board members received a list of data elements to be collected by DLR Licensing Boards and Commissions Data Collection Applications.   Lesselyoung explained this data is required by Department of Labor and Department of Health.  The Licensing Boards and Commissions Data Collection Application will be accessed by the approved personnel from each Licensing Board, DOH and DLR.  Each approved individual will only have access to information for the Board that person works with and no personally identifiable information will be released to the public.


Online License Verifications:  Geddes advised some states are requiring licensure boards to verify licensees online via their website.  She questioned whether or not we can accept online license verification as primary source verification in lieu of mailed verification with seal. Bailey advised she would look into the subject and update the Board at a later date.


Supervision Discussion: Aberle questioned ARSD 20:79:04:03 which states that “during the first 90 workdays as a speech-language pathology assistant, the supervising speech-language pathologist shall provide supervision for at least 30 percent of the time each week, of which at least 20 percent must be direct supervision.” His question was if the 20% of direct supervision means 20% of the total supervision or 20% of the work week. Bailey advised that we cannot give legal advice how to construe an Administrative Rule. The Board agreed that there needs to be an example to give licensees. Gohn made a motion to put an example on the Frequently Asked Question portion of the website that calculates 20% direct supervision of a 40 hour workweek would be 8 hours and 20% direct supervision of a 20 hour workweek would be 4 hours which is the minimal supervision at the discretion of the supervisor. Heinemeyer seconded. Motion carried by roll call vote; Schmidt, yes; Heinemeyer, yes; Hauge, yes; Gohn; yes.  The Board discussed putting a supervision log on the website. Geddes advised that a blank log is already posted to the website. The Board discussed putting a sample supervision log on the website for licensees to reference.  Bailey cautioned the Board that they are going to be bound by the way they answer these questions.  They will discuss this further at the next Board meeting.  


Gohn exited the meeting at 9:47AM MT.  Bailey advised that there must be four Board members present to make a quorum. Therefore, the meeting must be adjourned and scheduled to finish at a later date when there would be a quorum.


SCHEDULE NEXT MEETING: The next meeting was scheduled for February 11th at 12CT/11MT via teleconference.