Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Pharmacy

Online Pharmacist License Renewal

Online pharmacist license renewal will be available August 1, 2015. To renew online you will need your pharmacist license number and your social security number. Follow these instructions:

  1. The log-on name is “nspharm” plus your 4-digit license number.  (Do not use the “R” if you have one in your license number). For example, if your license number is R1234 your user name is nspharm1234. 

  2. The user password is the letters “Nspharm” (the N must be upper case) and the last four digits of your SSN with an asterisk at the end.  For example if your Social Security number ends in 1234 you would use Nspharm1234* as your password.

  3. Next click on PH26PharmLic, and then click on Pharmacist Info.

  4. Make sure that your personal information is correct.  The phone number requires you to use dashes.  The dates should be in MM/DD/YYYY format.  If a required field is left blank you will get an error message to complete.  N/A in that field if necessary. 

  5. Employment information is your main work site, even if you work at multiple sites.

  6. Click the "Press Save to Proceed" button to save information and proceed to the CE page.

  7. Enter each CE program individually – the name of the program, the program number, and the date.  Indicate in the drop down menu which year is applicable, then scroll to the right and click “apply”.  For the current licensing period, only CE hours earned in the 24 months prior to license expiration will be accepted.

  8. Newly licensed pharmacists by NAPLEX exam can indicate “new pharmacist” in the Comments box to bypass the 12-hour requirement.  The program will not continue unless you have at least 12 hours of CE reported or indicate a reason why you are reporting less than 12 hours.

  9. Save and proceed to the credit card information.  Only Visa and MasterCard will be accepted.  When you have all your credit card info entered and “submit”, the renewal fee will be processed.

  10. Be sure to print your confirmation report. An electronic confirmation will be sent to your email address.

  11. It’s a good idea to check your credit card statement to make sure your transaction was processed.

To begin, please click on this link:

If you have problems or questions, feel free to contact the Board of Pharmacy office.  Allow 10 days to receive your license in the mail. Please keep in mind that any renewal processed after September 30 will be assessed a $25 late fee.