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South Dakota Board of Pharmacy




October 2015
South Dakota State Board of Pharmacy
3701 West 49th Street - Suite 204, Sioux Falls, SD 57106


     The following candidates recently met licensure requirements and were registered as pharmacists in South Dakota:  Jacqueline Adams, Makenzie Aesoph, Sarah Ahrndt, Anthony Appel, Brittany Baldry, Joseph Berendse, Lindsay Bossman, Claire Carson, Heather Caton, Alicia Christensen, Andrea Christy, Kelly Correll, Emily Coughlin, Tyson Dietrich, Jesse Domino, Jodi Fischer, Katelynn Garcia, Kelsey George, Mindy Harpine, Dale Harts, Cassie Heisinger, Andrew Hemmer, Kari Holland, Sarah Johnson, Abbie Johnson, Kirsten Johnson, Kazuhiko Kido, Patrick King, Gregory Kniffen, Gerard Kokett, Jonathan Koskela, Jean Kroeger III, Maggie Kruschel, Susan Lane, Kyle Laporte, Ashley Larson, Aaron Larson, David Lawless, Shelby Ling, Ashley Losing, Murphy Mack, Molly Mack, Christopher Menssen, Anna Meyer, Seth Moe, Kelci Muehling, Aaron Muller, Heather Nelson, Megan Nelson, Shelby Nielsen, Colleen O'Connell, Maria Odens, Alexander Olinger, Theodore Osborn, Terelle Perman, April Pottebaum, Ashley Potter, Taylor Ramsdell, Karen Richart, Eric Robinson, Lisa Rose, Susan Rust, Brittanie Schmeets, Carlie Soper, Jordan Stricherz, Brittany Sykora, Jessica Thyen, Pathik Tripathi, Emily Van Klompenburg, Shawn Voss, Jessica Wahl, Ashley Weber, Cory Wegehaupt, Stevie Wessel, Kirre Wold, Bretton Young, and Amber Zemlicka.  As of this writing, there are 1997 pharmacists licensed in South Dakota. Of these, 1248 have addresses in South Dakota and 749 reside in other states. Some bordering states with SD licensed pharmacists are:  ND – 34; MN – 173; IA – 74; and NE – 67.  New pharmacy permits issued over the same time period are: Community Health Center of the Black Hills - Rapid City; Wollman Drug Inc. - Lake Andes (change of ownership); Lewis Drug #8 – Madison; and James Drug – Wagner (change of ownership). 


     Executive Director Randy Jones retired on July 31, 2015 with a small going away celebration with Board Members, Staff and a few colleagues.  He will be missed as will Senior Secretary Rita Schulz who resigned with her last day being August 20, 2015.  The office is very minimally staffed to conduct the Board’s business.  Thanks for your patience with us.  If the phone doesn’t get answered, please call back.  We might have a few others on the line.



     Technician to pharmacist ratios have changed.  ARSD 20:51:29:19 – 20:51:29:19.02 became effective on August 19, 2015.  This rule increased the ratio of technicians to pharmacists from two to three technicians to one pharmacist in all pharmacies.  Further, there is an exception to the ratio for mail order, long term care, and hospital pharmacies.  This exception allows pharmacist in charge (PIC) to determine the ratio only if the following are employed by the  pharmacy in filling prescriptions: technology (scanning) to insure accuracy in the filling process; role-based software platform with stop points where a pharmacist must intervene; software with DUR checks for allergies, interactions and age appropriate dosage ranges; clinically significant computer warnings which require pharmacist review; electronic surveillance technology to control access and to provide continuous monitoring of all areas where drugs are stored or dispensed or both; a quality assurance program to  identify and evaluate dispensing errors including continuous quality improvement programs; appropriate training programs for all pharmacy functions; and strict monitoring to prevent diversion of controlled substances.  Please use caution as with all PIC accountabilities, it is the PIC responsibility to design all processes to ensure the health and safety of patients is top priority.  Please see the state website for the rule in its entirety at and .



     The SD PDMP vendor change went more smoothly than we could have imagined.  The Appriss PMP AWARxE system seems to be widely accepted by SD prescribers and dispensers. We have heard very positive feedback.  Further, as you know, we are working with pharmacy providers to voluntarily move to daily data submissions.  Many have agreed.  AWARxE can make data available in the database in approximately 2 hours after submission.  This provides substantial additional value to all users and is closer to real time than ever before.  Please access the PDMP web site at for information on how to sign up, run a patient request and more.   It’s never too late for you to get signed up. 


     We hit another milestone of over 7,400 on line PDMP queries in July.  Pharmacists and prescribers are driving increased use as you can see in the table below.  We currently have 23% of prescribers querying the database and 73% of pharmacists who are signed up to use the system querying the database. 


     The top controlled substance in SD remains Hydrocodone combination products despite moving them to CII.




     Pharmacists keep up your attentiveness to your customers and continue using the PDMP.   This is an epidemic of addiction and thank you for working together to make a difference.



      Please check our website for the time, location and agenda for future Board meetings.        


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