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October 2013
South Dakota State Board of Pharmacy
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     The following candidates recently met licensure requirements and were registered as pharmacists in South Dakota:  Mahmoud El-Emawy, Ricki Shaw, Joshua Van Veldhuizen, Stacey Kemmis, Justin Clark, Misuzu Naganuma, Jenna Sloan, Andrea Petrasko, Christina Bober, Tracy Haan, Nichole Keller, Christine Jensen, Caitlin Brannen, Laura Nielsen, Danielle Baird, and William Fugate.        



     The following candidates recently met licensure requirements and were registered as pharmacists in South Dakota:  Jennifer Andree; Elizabeth Gripentrog; Kayla Lorge; Hailey Olson; Lyle Prussman; Karl Krenz; Kathryn Templeton; Betsy Karli; Joel Repenning; Tonya Gross; Katherine Kann; Beau VanOverschelde; Joshua Veurink; Jessica Miles; Kristina Carey; Jimica Kerwin; Amanda Ludwig; Lindsay Minter; Aimee Moulton; Mallory Muntefering; Jamison Niewoehner; Stephanie Schulte; Nicholas Skibba; Jared Sogn; Abby Brown; Lee Cordell; Jory Aman; Alanna Grabouski; Michelle Anderson; Michelle Schuch; Kathryn Carlson; Roxanne Chadwell; Jared Crumly; David Holmquist; Livia Mackley; Julie Nelson; Heidi Oakland; Chelsea Schmidt; Brittany Starks; Nichole Turner; Kayla Hughes; Chad Fjeldheim; Spenser Wipf; Jessica O’Brien; Michelle Locke; Margaret Lorenz; Desiree Aske; Sarah Clague; Laura Johnson; Andrew Konechne; Elizabeth Morgan; Spenser Rhines; Riley Lizotte; Tania Kapoor; Krista Kutil; Heather Bunge; Robin Wingate; Shik-Ki Li; Walker Darkow; Rachel Elsey; Britta Hystad; Jenilee Kessel; Steven Collison; Kristine Nonaka; Nicole Schmidt; Goerge Wingate; Brianna Aanenson; Allsion Frank; Lisa Goette; Matthew Anagnostopulos; Tate Berger.        


     Pharmacy licenses have been issued recently to:  Costco Pharmacy #1159, Sioux Falls – Nicole Schmitt PIC.


     On July 12th, a Rules Hearing was held at 1:00 PM at the Capital Building in Pierre. The purpose of the hearing was to discuss pharmacies ability to electronically retain health records, including prescription orders if the facility chooses to do so. This proposal would not be a mandatory requirement. Facilities could choose to retain records manually in accordance with current rules. The amendments to the rules would permit the retention of this information in an electronic format given the following requirements are met:

  • Have the ability to provide printed copies of the prescription records from the electronic platform, to include an electronic copy of the actual prescription in a timely manner if requested by the board.

  • Have the ability to print from the electronic records, a comprehensive list of all medications for a specific patient or all records over a date range that may be requested by the board.

  • Have the ability to demonstrate a backup / storage method in order to recreate all pharmacy records in the event of a computer failure.

  • Contain security features to prevent unauthorized access to the records.

     Two entities provided written testimony in support and one agency was present at the hearing to testify in support. There was no testimony provided in opposition to the proposed rule changes. The Board voted to adopt the rule changes. The changes were presented to the Legislative Research Council’s Interim Rules Committee on August 20th and were accepted. The amendments will be effective 20 days after filing with the South Dakota Secretary of State.  


     The following remarks are observations and comments from our inspectors.

  • If you are maintaining Zostavax in your inventory, please ensure that you are recording the freezer temperature on a daily basis.

  • Immunization certificates should be prominently displayed for the public review.

  • Due to the increase number of internal and external diversions, we are observing more pharmacies installing security / camera systems. We highly encourage this!

  • We are beginning to observe more audits of controlled substances by pharmacies. The Board of Pharmacy recommends each pharmacy conduct a minimum of one audit per month on a CIII or CIV. Some pharmacies are doing more than one / month. Keep up the good work!


     The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) database is now housing over 2 years’ worth of data – that’s nearly 2.2 million prescriptions!  The system has been up and running for 19 months and on-line query requests have increased by 99% since January of 2013!!  This is the largest increase since the program’s inception in March of 2012.  The seven month increase is largely fueled by a 188% increase in pharmacist generated on-line queries.  Many SD pharmacies are now requiring a query to be performed on a select set of controlled substance prescriptions whenever a patient presents with an affected prescription.  This is good pharmacy practice and important to the program.  We recently heard that the prescribers think the pharmacists will do the query and pharmacists think the prescribers will do the query and hence, no one runs the PDMP query.  This scenario certainly doesn’t meet the goals of better patient care and less misuse/diversion.  Pharmacists – continue running those queries and keep up the good work!! 



              Please check our website for the time, location and agenda for future Board meetings.




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