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July 2014
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     The following candidates recently met licensure requirements and were registered as pharmacists in South Dakota:  Sooyoung Yoon; Renee Gregorich; Lisa Viehweg; Terrance Adams; Tally Start; Judy Trong; Xia Yin; Keith Carlson; Jeremiah Bertschinger; Robin Beranek; Judy Wheelersburg; Archana Nath; Stephen Syverson, Jun Ma, Cheryl Namtvedt; Timothy Sass; Hillary Leonard; Juanita Bonner; Jeffrey Moy; Enkhtuul Natsagdorj; Jessica Hopper.      


     The District V NABP / AACP Annual Meeting will be hosted by South Dakota this year. The meeting will be held in Deadwood, SD on August 14th – 16th. The Board of Pharmacy in conjunction with the SDSU College of Pharmacy is planning an exciting event, and hope many of you can attend. District V representation consists of colleges and boards from South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Registration information can be found at


Technician & Certification Clarification

     There is a misconception that the SD Board of Pharmacy administers the National Technician Certification examinations. This is false. The two agencies that administer these exams are Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) and Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (ICPT). The examination that ICPT administers is referred to as ExCPT. These two accrediting bodies administer the examinations that are accepted by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) as well as the state of South Dakota. Technicians seeking National Certification will need to contact these agencies directly to complete their applications with one or the other agency as well as fulfill any pre-requisites required by the agency in order to sit for the exam.


     Once the requirements with either NCCA approved agency have been fulfilled, the agency will contact PersonVue who will then issue an Authorization to Test Code (ATT) to the candidate much like the process for pharmacist candidates wishing to schedule times to sit for the NAPLEX and MPJE. After passing the examinations, we ask the technician to present the board staff with a copy of their Certificate so we can indicate their status as Nationally Certified in our database.


     Continuing Education – once the technician has achieved National Certification, they will be required to obtain 20 hours of CE every other year in order to renew their certificate. Many technicians are of the opinion they need to turn in this CE into the Board office. This is false. They need to report their CE hours to the accrediting body that has issued their National Certification in order to renew their certificate. 


Q. Once a technician begins employment, how long do they have to get certified?

A. Technicians hired after July 1st 2011 will have until July 1st 2014 to achieve National Certification. If this is not accomplished by the time their technician registration expires October 30th, the technician will not be re-registered as a technician. The board will register the individual as a technician-in-training and will have a maximum of 2 years to achieve National Certification by passing an exam approved by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCAA). ARSD 20:51:29:03 & 20:51:29:06


Q. Does a technician need to be certified prior to hiring now?

A. No, however they will have until July 1st 2014 to achieve National Certification (unlikely), therefore refer to the response above.


Q. Can someone under the age of 18 work as a technician?

A. Currently yes. However as of July 1st 2014, all candidates for technicians or technicians-in-training will need to present to the board evidence of a high school graduation or of a general educational development certificate. ARSD 20:51:29:03


Q. If someone is a clerk, do they need to be a registered technician?

A. No. They can be registered as Support Personnel as defined by ARSD 20:51:22 and follow these rules. It is imperative the pharmacy manager have job titles and specification spelled out for the clerk so it is clear of their classification.


Q. Does a certification go from one state to another?

A. Yes. National Certification is transferable to all states that require this accreditation (Much like the NAPLEX). However Registration is traditionally not transferable between states (Much like the MPJE).


Q. If a certificate expires (example March 31) and I get recertified, what is the procedure?  How much time do I have to get recertified once a certificate has expired?

A. The individual would need to check with the agency that issued the National Certification to ascertain what their requirements are to reinstate their national certification. However, in SD if the national certificate or registration has lapsed for a period of 1 year or more, the individual must meet the requirements in effect at the time they apply for reinstatement or registration. ARSD 20:51:29:03


Q. I am not currently working as a pharmacy technician, but would like to become registered with the board and then seek employment. Is this permissible?

A. No. Technicians or Technicians-in-training, either employed in a pharmacy or enrolled in a college / vocational program, must have the signature of the pharmacist-in-charge of the pharmacy or the college / vocational program administrator on the application of the individual. ARSD 20:51:29:14


Q. What is the difference between “certification” and “registration”?

A. Certification is achieved through national accrediting agencies such as indicated above. Registration is unique to the state board in which the technician is employed or seeking employment.



              Please check our website for the time, location and agenda for future Board meetings.        


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