Melissa Magstadt, South Dakota Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Pharmacy


What is a PDMP integration with electronic health record (EHR) platforms or pharmacy management systems (PMS)?

The South Dakota Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (SD PDMP) has partnered with Bamboo Health to integrate SD PDMP data into South Dakota electronic health record (EHR) platforms and SD pharmacy management systems (PMS) via Bamboo Health's PMP Gateway platform.

PLEASE NOTE: Delegates are typically not able to access the SD PDMP via integration. Delegates will continue to access SD PDMP data through the SD PMP AWARxE web portal at

How does integration work?

Integrating SD PDMP data within an EHR provides a streamlined clinical workflow for providers. The integration eliminates the need for providers to leave their workflow to access the SD PDMP web portal to request a patient's controlled substance prescription history. Instead, the EHR or pharmacy management system automatically initiates a patient query using PMP Gateway and returns the patient's prescription history directly within the provider's EHR or pharmacy management system.

Please review the SD PDMP Gateway Integration Welcome Packet for more detailed information.

**Page 3 provides the steps necessary if your EHR or PMS vendor is not currently integrated.

How do I begin integration with the SD PDMP?

PLEASE NOTE: Only authorized decision makers should complete the request and documents.

Visit the Customer Connect portal at:

  1. Click "Create an Account" highlighted in green in the upper right-hand corner.

  2. Follow the prompts to input the necessary information for your healthcare organization's integration request.

  3. Sign all necessary agreements within the portal and complete your application.

    a. This includes an End User License Agreement (EULA).

  4. Once all steps are complete on Customer Connect, your request is forwarded to the SD PDMP Administrators for review.

  5. If approved, a confirmation email is sent to you, and the credentials to activate the integration are sent according to the EHR vendor's onboarding instructions.

    a. The credentials could be sent to you or your vendor depending on the vendor's instructions.