Melissa Magstadt, South Dakota Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Examiners in Optometry

Board Meeting Minutes



April 4, 2014

Tieszen Law Office Conference Room

Pierre, South Dakota
9:00 AM

1. Attendance

  Meeting called to order at 9:06 a.m. Board members present were Dr. Hartford, Dr. Dockter, Dr. Hart, and Nancy Van Camp; Dr. Kollis-Young also present, attending telephonically.  Also present were Naomi Cromwell, Tieszen Law Office; Ann Meyer, Attorney General’s Office; and Deni Amundson, Board Executive Secretary.


2. Approval of Agenda

  Dr. Hart moved to approve the agenda as presented, seconded by Nancy Van Camp. Motion passed.


3. Approve minutes from October 11, 2013

  Nancy Van Camp moved to approve the minutes from October 11, 2013, with correction of  “6/30/2014” made to section 6d, seconded by Dr. Dockter. Motion passed.


4.  Approve treasurer’s report


Deni Amundson reported on the backward trend in cash balances. Discussion was had about the need to raise fees in the next few years and that it may be necessary to amend statutes to do so. Deni Amundson will research the fees, caps, and cash balances of other health boards in the state and report back at the next meeting.

Discussion was also had on backing up records. Ann Meyer will check on confidentiality and security issues and Deni Amundson will check on options; both will report back at next meeting.

Dr. Dockter moved to approve the treasurer’s report, seconded by Nancy Van Camp. Motion passed.


5.  Board review and approve CE courses

  Board reviewed and approved continuing education courses by individual signature vote.


6. Old Business


Board Certification- Will continue to closely monitor. Tabled until next meeting.

CPT  Code 65778- Discussion was had regarding CPT code 65778 and adaptation of the new ICD-10 codes. Research will be done about how the ICD-10 codes will impact our procedural code list. Tabled until next meeting.
SB3 Update- (SB3 has been codified as SDCL 13-1-60, 13-1-61, and 13-1-62) Deni Amundson will be working with the Department of Health to ensure the Board is in compliance with the data collection efforts associated with this and  will inform the board of any changes. No action taken.
20:50:08:02.02- Limits on Self-Directed Learning- Discussion was had regarding whether there is a need to change this rule. It will be monitored as a potential future action. No further action taken.


7. New Business


Licensing- Discussion was had on the National Board adding an injectables section to its exam and that because South Dakota does not allow injectables it does not currently impact South Dakota licensure.   An application for license was reviewed and approved without the injectable component of the National Board exam because South Dakota law does not permit this procedure.  No further action taken.



  • South Dakota Optometric Society, Educational Services- Dr. Dockter moved to approve, seconded by Dr. Hart. Motion passed.

  • Steve Anderson, OD, Board Investigator- Dr. Dockter moved to approve, seconded by Dr. Kollis-Young. Motion passed.

  • BPro, Computer Services- Nancy Van Camp moved to approve, seconded by Dr. Hart. Motion passed.

  • Tieszen Law Office, legal Services- Dr. Dockter moved to approve, seconded by Dr. Hart. Motion passed.

  • Deni Amundson, Executive Secretary- Nancy Van Camp moved to approve, seconded by Dr. Hart. Motion passed.


Disciplinary Actions- Naomi Cromwell reported on a recent disciplinary action resolved through consent agreement and order. Discussion was also had regarding an action from the October 19, 2012, board meeting, and the need for our board to be as transparent as possible to comply with the open government and public records laws. Dr. Hart moved to rescind the following board action from October 19, 2012:

“6f. Disciplinary Action Reporting- Dr. Dockter moved to post only suspensions and revocations on our web site. We will also only post name, action, and date of action. Seconded by Joe Hartford, motion passed.”

Motion was seconded by Nancy Van Camp, motion passed.


Complaint and Investigation Process- Dr. Dockter motioned to authorize the board president to act on behalf of the board on consent agreement matters until June 30, 2015, seconded by Nancy Van Camp. Motion passed.

Discussion was had on proposed administrative rules. Tabled until next meeting.

E-Visits- Discussion was had on an inquiry about whether e-visits are within a South Dakota optometrist’s scope of practice. Deni Amundson will get further information from the optometrists making this request, and will also do further research on other state health boards and how they are handling this emerging technology. Tabled until next meeting.
Injectables- Tabled until next meeting.
AOA Presentation- The board reviewed and discussed an AOA PowerPoint presentation for accuracy. Deni Amundson will report outcomes of discussion to the South Dakota Optometric Society and request any updated information the SDOS or AOA can provide. No action taken.


8. Time and Place of Next Meeting


August 1, 2014

Tieszen Law Office Conference Room

Pierre, South Dakota

9:00 AM


9.  Adjournment

  Dr. Hart moved for adjournment, seconded by Nancy Van Camp. Motion passed. Meeting was adjourned at 11:46 a.m.