Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Funeral Service

Official Board Minutes For May 7, 2014


Via Teleconference


Members Present:
Howard Sogn, President

Stuart W. Barns, Vice-President

Sue Bentsen, Secretary-Treasurer

Daryl Isburg, Member
Tim Bachman, Member
Alfred Rude, Lay Member
David Volk, Lay Member
Mariah Pokorny, Dept of Health(Non-voting member)


Members Absent:


Others Present: 
Carol Tellinghuisen, Executive Secretary
Paula Spargur, Executive Assistant
Erika Buchholz, Executive Assistant   

John Strohman, Office of the Attorney General

Scott Isburg, Pierre

Ken Kirk, Rapid City

George Bittner, Mitchell    


President Isburg called the meeting to order at 1:04 PM MT. 

Corrections or additions to the agenda:  There were no corrections or additions to the agenda.

FY Financial Update:  Spargur reported fiscal year to date figures as of March 31, 2014: year to date revenue of $71,762.15; expenditures of $45,066.86 and cash balance of $98,650.77.    Volk moved and Rude seconded to approve the financial report as presented.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Approval of Minutes from March 26, 2014:  Volk moved and Bentsen seconded to approve the minutes from March 26, 2014.  Motion carried by unanimous vote. 


#155:  Sogn reported complaint #155 pending. 

#156:  Sogn reported complaint #156 pending.

Crematory at USD – Strohman:  The Board had questioned why the crematory at USD was not required to be licensed.  Strohman reported that the incinerator at USD has been decommissioned and the gas supply has been turned off for over a year.  Strohman exited the meeting at 1:25 PM MT.

Election of Officers:  Isburg moved and Volk seconded to nominate Sogn for President.  Volk moved and Barns seconded for nominations to cease and a unanimous ballet be cast for Sogn.  Motion carried unanimously.  Bachman moved and Volk seconded to nominate Barns for Vice-President.  Volk moved and Isburg seconded for nominations to cease and a unanimous ballet be cast for Barns.  Motion carried unanimously.   Volk moved and Isburg seconded to nominate Bentsen for Secretary-Treasurer. Volk moved and Isburg seconded for nominations to cease and a unanimous ballet be cast for Bentsen.  Motion carried unanimously.   

Trainee Process-Barns:  Barns raised a concern regarding if the trainees are getting the full 2080 hours in their year’s apprenticeship.  The Board decided to revise the forms to ask more specific questions for the trainee and sponsor to sign off on.  Letters notifying current trainees will be sent out with the new forms.  Pokorny exited the meeting at 1:42 PM MT.  Kirk and Bittner joined the meeting at 1:49 PM MT. 

Definition of Funeral Establishment/Embalmer-Isburg:  Isburg discussed the definitions of funeral establishment and embalmer.  Daryl moved and Volk seconded to table this discussion and have the Board review the terms for a future meeting.

Schedule next meeting:  The next meeting will be scheduled as needed.  Volk moved and Bentsen seconded to adjourn.  Motion carried unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 2:20 PM MT.