Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Funeral Service

Official Board Minutes For December 28, 2016


Members Present:
Howard Sogn, President
Stuart W. Barns, Vice-President

D. Scott Isburg, Member
Dennis Eisnach, Lay Member
Tim Bachman, Secretary-Treasurer
Randy Brennick, Member
Mariah Pokorny, Dept of Health (Non-voting member)

Members Absent:
David Volk, Lay Member

Others Present:
Carol Tellinghuisen, Executive Secretary
Brooke Tellinghuisen Geddes, Executive Assistant

Jill Lesselyoung, Executive Assistant

John Strohman, Office of the Attorney General


President Sogn called the meeting to order at 3:01 PM CT.

Corrections or additions to the agenda: Sogn asked that the Board welcome new Board members Dennis Eisnach of Pierre and Randy Brennick of Sturgis. Eisnach, the new lay member for the Board, replaced Alfred Rude who served for many years on the South Dakota Board of Funeral Service. Brennick replaced Susan Bentsen who served several terms for the South Dakota Board of Funeral Service.

Applicant for re-licensure #2016-1: Strohman updated the Board on a SD Licensed Funeral Director who has received a Suspended Imposition. He advised that they have filed for renewal of their license. He informed the Board on the provisions SDCL 36-19- 38: Grounds for refusal, suspension or revocation of license. The issue was examined and was determined that there is no legal cause to deny renewal of license at this point in time. Bachman moved and Barns seconded to proceed with renewing applicant 2016-1 for re-licensure. Motion passed by roll call vote. Sogn; yes. Barns; yes. Brennick; no; Bachman; yes. Isburg; yes. Eisnach; yes.

.Data Collection/Technology upgrade: Lesselyoung reported the final quote for the Data Collection and Technology upgrade in the Board office. Bachman moved and Isburg seconded to approve moving forward with implementing the upgrade. Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote.

Complaints/Investigations: Strohman and Tellinghuisen explained the complaint process and procedure for dismissing complaints to the Board. Bachman recommended dismissal of complaint #163. Isburg moved and Barns seconded to dismiss complaint #163. Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote with Bachman abstaining.

Schedule Next Meeting: The Board office will contact the Board to schedule the next meeting.

Barns moved and Bachman seconded to adjourn the meeting at 4:05PM. Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote.