Joan Adam, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Meeting Minutes


South Dakota Board of Chiropractic Examiners Meeting
Chamberlain, South Dakota
June 1, 2016         


The board meeting was called to order at 2:10 p.m.  The following members were present: Dr. Jeff Kramer, Dr. Jerrid Goebel, Dr. Kathleen Deutsch, Dr. Dean Berg, Bev McCracken and Marcia Walter, Executive Director.  Also present were Craig Kennedy and Tom Reynolds. 

The agenda for the meeting was distributed and unanimously approved as mailed. 

M/S Deutsch/McCracken to approve secretary’s report from March 2, 2016
                                        Passed, no opposition

Marcia Walter presented the financial update.  The state account currently has a balance of $293,679.20 as of April 30, 2016.  June 30 is the end of the state’s fiscal year.  With no additions or corrections, the board received the financial update as presented.

Dr. Goebel informed the board that no complaints were received, therefore, no investigative report to present. No further action taken.

Marcia Walter reported that there haven’t been any peer reviews received since last meeting.  No further action taken.  The board discussed reassigning a peer review chairman since Dr. Jay Fitzgerald is now serving on the SDCA board. 
M/S Berg/McCracken      to have Marcia Walter speak with suggested doctors to assume peer review chairman duties and report back to the board
                                                Passed, no opposition 

Inactive to active application reconsideration request from Dr. Ashley Ingalls was reviewed. 
M/S Berg/McCracken to adhere to the rules as indicated in 20:41:05:06 for reactivation of inactive license
                                                Passed, no opposition

Reviewed request from doctor for consideration of waiving CE hours. 
M/S Goebel/Berg             to waive past hours for the 2014/2015 education cycle only per 20:41:08:03 – no future hours will be waived
                                                Passed, no opposition – Marcia will send letter to doctor requesting monthly updates regarding situation

Dr. Kramer recessed the board meeting at 2:30 p.m. for new doctor matriculation.  The board meeting reconvened at 3:55 p.m.

M/S Goebel/Berg to enter executive session at 4:00 pm for consultation with legal counsel
                                                Passed, no opposition

M/S McCracken/Goebel out of executive session at 4:20
                                                Passed, no opposition

M/S Berg/Deutsch  to retain Tom Reynolds of Kennedy, Pier, Knoff, Loftus. LLP as legal counsel for the board effective January 1, 2017
                                                Passed, no opposition

Marcia gave update regarding the ongoing Dept. of Labor and Regulation / Dept. of Health data collection project.  Boards are required to report all individuals with certifications/licenses issued.  Therefore, chiropractic assistants and x-ray techs will need to be added to the state database.  No further action from the board required.

Dr. Kathleen and Marcia gave brief update on FCLB meeting recently attended in Phoenix, AZ. No further action from the board required.                                                                      

FCLB District meeting in October will tentatively be attended by Dr. Jeff Kramer and Marcia Walter. November 2016 Part IV testing will tentatively be attended by Dr. Dean Berg and Dr. Jerrid Goebel. 

M/S Goebel/Deutsch to approve preceptor requests as follows: Alex Nachreiner with Dr. Ross McDaniel; Brian Koltes with Dr. Aaron Micko; Danika Kjargaard with Dr. David Ward and Dr. Ashley Pfaff; Erin Riley with Dr. Wayne Huber; Jeff Watson with Dr. Hillary Pulse; Jordan Berg with Dr. Dean Berg; Kirstin Carlson with Dr. Erik Johnson and Dr. Chris Pierson; Kylee Johnson with Dr. Doug Larson; Kylie Bartels with Dr. Tyler Parham; Rebecca Beilstein with Dr. Kim Bahr; Sara Kenyon with Dr. Heath Marsh; and Wei Xia with Dr. Chris Pierson
                                                Passed, no opposition – Dr. Dean Berg abstained from voting

M/S Goebel/Deutsch   approve matriculants 61601, 61602, 61603, 61604, 61605 pending completion of their files
                                                Passed, no opposition

With no further business,
M/S Goebel/Berg       motion to adjourn at 5:10 pm
                                                Passed, no opposition