Joan Adam, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Meeting Minutes


South Dakota Board of Chiropractic Examiners Meeting
Chamberlain, South Dakota
March 7, 2015       

Dr. Mark Bledsoe called the board meeting to order at 8:00 a.m. The following members were present: Dr. Kathleen Deutsch, Beverly McCracken, Dr. Jerrid Goebel, Marcia Walter, Executive Director.  Dr. Jeff Kramer and Craig Kennedy, Legal Counsel participated in a portion of new business via conference call. 

M/S Goebel/Deutsch to approve secretary’s report from December 6, 2014 meeting

Passed, no opposition


Marcia Walter presented the financial update.  The state account currently has a balance of $286,459.41 as of February 28, 2015.   Fiscal year ends June 30.  With no additions or corrections, the board received the financial update as presented.


Marcia Walter presented the investigative report in Dr. Kramer’s absence.

M/S Deutsch/Goebel to approve #08-13, #10-13, #02-14, #03-14, #01-15 and #02-15

Passed, no opposition


Marcia reported an update to the peer review report.  The rehab review requested was cancelled after printing the report for the meeting.  Therefore, the peer review committee has received two reviews. 

M/S McCracken/Deutsch to accept the report as presented

Passed, no opposition


Dr. Kramer requested the purchase of 2015 ChiroCode books as well as the ACA Clinical Documentation Manual for use in the board office and for use within the disciplinary committee when working with cases that involve documentation.

M/S Deutsch/McCracken   to purchase three 2015 ChiroCode books and two ACA Documentation Manual for use in board office and the disciplinary committee

Passed, no opposition


Dr. Jeff Kramer and Craig Kennedy conferenced called in for discussion regarding a request from Dr. Scott Munsterman questioning if an organization/doctor located outside of South Dakota could read films for South Dakota chiropractors if radiologists were not licensed in South Dakota. Mr. Kennedy shared various statutes and regulations that address this issue.

M/S Goebel/Deutsch      to have Craig Kennedy write a letter to Dr. Munsterman stating the board concurs that if a verbal component isn’t included within the consultation, the individual reviewing the x-rays needs to be licensed in the state of South Dakota.

Passed, no opposition


The board reviewed a request from Dr. Dennis Willert to participate in the Patriot Wounded Warrior Project.  Discussion was held regarding the project itself and also if participation in the project would violate the current rules regarding free or discounted service.  Marcia shared that the Patriot Project is on the agenda for the upcoming Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Board meeting in May.

M/S McCracken/Goebel   although project sounds to be a wonderful program, table until after FCLB meeting for further information

Passed, no opposition


Marcia Walter requested the board review the current committee members.  There has been a resignation from the disciplinary committee as well as a couple members of the peer review committee that are no longer practicing in South Dakota. 

M/S Deutsch/Goebel to approve the updated committee members as presented

Passed, no opposition


Delegates and alternate delegates were discussed for the upcoming Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Board (FCLB) meeting and National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) meeting to be held in New Orleans in May.

M/S McCracken/Deutsch to list Dr. Jerrid Goebel as delegate to FCLB with Dr. Mark Bledsoe alternate delegate and Dr. Mark Bledsoe delegate to NBCE and Dr. Goebel alternate delegate

Passed, no opposition


The National Board of Examiners has requested two board members to assist with Part IV testing in May 2015. 

M/S Goebel/McCracken to have Dr. Deutsch and Dr. Bledsoe assist with the testing in May

Passed, no opposition


The National Board of Examiners requested a board member to assist with Part IV test committee meeting in June 2015.  A decision as to who, if anyone, will be able to attend will be decided before the April 24, 2015 deadline. 


M/S Goebel/ McCracken approve preceptorship of Jordan Fey with Dr. Heath Marsh

Passed, no opposition


Dr. Bledsoe recessed the board meeting at 10:00 a.m. for new doctor matriculation.  The board meeting reconvened at 11:05 a.m. 


M/S McCracken/Deutsch   to approve matriculants 31501, 31501, 31505 and 31506 pending completion of files

Passed, no opposition


With no further business,

M/S Goebel/Deutsch – motion to adjourn at 11:15 a.m.

Passed, no opposition