Adolescent Well Visits

When children and teenagers are healthy, they are more likely to grow up to be healthy adults. Health care providers and parents get the opportunity to monitor a child’s growth and development, identify any concerns, and treat them early to prevent bigger problems later in life.

Comparing Adolescent Well-Child Visits & Sports Physicals

An annual well-child visit includes a comprehensive look at an adolescent’s overall health and well-being, while a sports physical only screens for medical conditions or injuries which may be affected by athletic activity. Well-child visits cover physical development, social competence, academic competence, emotional well-being, violence prevention, reproductive health, sexual education, and more. A well-child visit can double as a sports physical, but a sports physical cannot be considered a well-child visit.

Did you know? Most insurance companies fully cover well-child visits, and the visits last about 20 minutes.

Well-Child Visits versus Sports Physicals - A Well-Child Visit qualifies for a Sports physical, but a sports physical doesn't qualify as a well-child visit.

Healthy Lifestyles

Risk Reduction

Mental health conditions are common among teenagers and young adults. 1 in 5 lives with a mental health condition — half develop the condition by age 14 and three-quarters by age 24. If you see or hear signs that a teen you know is in crisis and/or struggling, learn what to do.

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Older children can start taking charge of their own health by:

  • Making their own appointments.
  • Going to appointments by themselves or asking a parent or friend to go with them.
  • Talking to the provider about their health problems and concerns.
  • Writing down questions to ask their provider.
  • Asking questions about the medicines they may need to take.

Learn to Take Charge of Your Health

Keep adolescent smiles healthy with an annual dental exam and two teeth cleanings per year.

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An annual eye exam is recommended to ensure all is right with their sight.