Addressing the outer shipper for infectious substances (not more than 50 ml or 50 grams per package).

  • Fill in the recipient’s address. Include the name of the person or department that will receive the shipment and the facility’s telephone number.
  • Fill in the return address and name and a 24-hour telephone number of person responsible for shipment.

Fill in Responsible for Shipment

• Label the outer box of the shipment with the technical name of the infectious substance affecting humans (i.e. Bacillus anthracis). This information should be written on the supplied sticker and placed in the appropriate area on the box. Be sure it can be seen easily.

Infectious Substance

• Place a Class 6.2 infectious substance label on the shipper. Many shippers already have two orientation labels preprinted; one on each side of the package, but use labels if the box is not pre-marked.

Use Labels

• If using dry ice, include a dry ice label on the outer box and indicate the weight of the dry ice used. Labels must not overlap or cover UN specifications for package.

Dry Ice Label

• Include a completed shipper’s declaration. This will be placed inside a plastic protector. Do not seal the protector. FedEx will do this once they have checked the shipper’s declaration to make sure it is filled out correctly.

Completed Shipper's Declaration

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