What is Critical Infrastructure?

As it pertains to public health, critical infrastructure includes the assets, systems, facilities, networks, and other key elements that help a public health system operate safely, efficiently, and consistently. This could include access to energy resources and ongoing communication reliability.

As such, the protection of this critical infrastructure is, well, critical to the maintenance of public health access across the state.

The reliable operations health providers are so mission-critical to the wellbeing of our state, that a disruption to their infrastructure would affect community and state resilience.

Keeping Secure

Security in and around healthcare facilities is critical to ensure the safety of patients, staff and property. Funding has been provided to hospitals to improve internal security. Ongoing review of security measures in and around healthcare facilities is encouraged.

The responsibility of maintaining critical infrastructure compliance lies with a variety of collaborating stakeholders, including:

  • Owners & operators
  • Industry associations
  • Government and non-government entities

Reach the Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response at 605-773-6188.