Food & Lodging Inspection Scores

The Office of Health Protection licenses food service, lodging, and campground establishments to assure health and safety standards are met and public health is protected. Routine inspections monitor food handling practices, sanitation, fire safety, and environmental safety to assure that the 5,900 licensed food service, lodging, and campground establishments in South Dakota are offering the safest possible service to the citizens of the state and the traveling public.

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Get convenient access to inspection scores. While an inspection score is useful information it is also important to look at whether violations cited are critical or non-critical. An individual score is only a snapshot of the establishment's operation on the day of the inspection — looking at scores over time gives a more meaningful measure of an ongoing operation. To make that possible, there are scores from the last two years of inspections for each establishment as well as information about whether identified violations were critical or non-critical.

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