Get Educated on Prevention

WNV Infographic

West Nile virus is an infection most commonly spread through mosquito bites. While it is prevalent in many states with large mosquito populations, the rate of incidents is highest in South Dakota. WNV can lead to many other symptoms, including fevers and even serious—potentially fatal—illness.

Know Your Risk

South Dakota West Nile Prevention

South Dakota is at the center of West Nile Virus activity in the United States. Use these tips to avoid contracting West Nile virus from mosquitos.

Master the Mosquito

While there’s no direct cure or antidote to WNV, prevention is imperative. Take steps to protect yourself from infection, and you can save yourself a lot of unfortunate side effects that result from WNV. To master the mosquito and fend off West Nile virus, join the S.W.A.T. team!

Spray — Use mosquito repellant on you and your family to keep the bugs at bay.

Water — Even in a small amount of water, mosquitos hatch in just a few days. Remove Standing Water.

Arms — When you are outside, cover any exposed skin with like your arms and legs with clothing.

Time — Mosquitos thrive most around dawn and dusk. Either stay indoors, or be extra cautious at those times.