Trauma System Codified Law & Administrative Rule

The South Dakota Trauma System is governed by specific codified laws and administrative rules. These regulations ensure the effective functioning and coordination of the state's trauma system, aimed at providing timely and quality care to individuals with traumatic injuries. Here are the key statutes and rules that form the foundation of the South Dakota Trauma System:

Codified Law

  1. **SDCL 34-12-52:** This law establishes the South Dakota Trauma System and outlines its purpose, objectives, and the authority of the Department of Health to administer and oversee the system.
  2. SDCL 34-12-53: SDCL 34-12-53 focuses on the designation of trauma centers in South Dakota. It provides criteria and requirements for hospitals to attain and maintain trauma center designation.
  3. SDCL 34-12-54: This law addresses the trauma system advisory committee, which serves as an advisory body to the Department of Health. The committee's composition, duties, and responsibilities are outlined in this statute.
  4. SDCL 34-12-55: SDCL 34-12-55 focuses on the development and implementation of trauma registry programs in South Dakota. It outlines the purpose of the registry, data collection requirements, confidentiality provisions, and reporting responsibilities.

Administrative Rule

  1. ARSD 44:68: ARSD 44:68 is the administrative rule that further defines and clarifies various aspects of the South Dakota Trauma System. This rule covers topics such as trauma center designation criteria, trauma team activation protocols, trauma system evaluation, and reporting requirements.

By complying with the codified laws and administrative rules governing the South Dakota Trauma System, healthcare providers, hospitals, and stakeholders can contribute to the seamless functioning of the system and ensure the best possible care for trauma patients across the state.