Public Health Bulletin

The South Dakota Department of Health Public Health Bulletin is a publication that provides important updates, announcements, and information related to public health in South Dakota. It offers insights into current health issues, disease outbreaks, vaccination campaigns, regulatory changes, and other relevant topics. The bulletin keeps the public, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders informed about critical health matters and promotes awareness, prevention, and timely response to public health issues in the state.

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Latest Publication: June 2024

Archived Publications

June - CONTENTS: Child Medical Management Quick Guide for Lead Testing & Treatment | 2021 South Dakota Violent Death Reporting System Data | Breast | Department of Health Dashboard Updates | Nexus SD Open for Statewide Enrollment | 2023 Tuberculosis Annual Report | Indigenous and Integrative Health Summit | Suicide Prevention Conference | Wellness on Wheels

April - CONTENTS: Maternal Child Health Needs Assessment | 2021 PRAMS Report | 2022-2023 School Height and Weight Report | South Dakota Department of Health State Health Improvement Plan and State Health Assessment | 2022 State Unintentional Drug Overdose Reporting System Data

February - CONTENTS: Maternal Child Health Needs Assessment Kick-Off Event | 2023 HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report | 2022 South Dakota Vital Statistics Report | 2023 Tuberculosis Report | American Indian Health Data Book

December - CONTENTS: The South Dakota Cardiovascular Collaborative Launches Strategic Plan Data Dashboard | 2023 Suicide Surveillance Report | Alcohol-Related Deaths and Hospitalizations in South Dakota | Falls Among Older Adults in South Dakota | Traumatic Brain Injuries in South Dakota

October - CONTENTS: Safe Sleep for South Dakota Infants | Breastfeeding Awareness Month | Female Breast Cancer in South Dakota | Department of Health Completes Statewide Health Assessment

August - CONTENTS: HPV Cancer Prevention in South Dakota | 2021-2025 South Dakota Cancer Plan and Data Dashboard | South Dakota Cancer Data Visualization

June - CONTENTS: South Dakota Department of Health Launches New Immunization Information System in Partnership with STChealth | SD Cancer Registry Receives NAACCR Gold Certification | 2023 Annual Cancer Report | Colorectal Cancer in South Dakota

April - CONTENTS: Funding Opportunity for South Dakota Public Health Providers | South Dakota Violent Death Reporting System: 2020 Data Reports | Sexually Transmitted Infections Awareness Month

February - CONTENTS: State Unintentional Drug Overdose Reporting System: Data Reports | The 2022-2027 Diabetes State Plan | Rabies Surveillance, South Dakota, 2020−2021 | 2021 Youth Tobacco Survey

December - CONTENTS: Clinical Trial Accrual in South Dakota (2013-2020) | Clinical Trial Accrual in South Dakota (2013-2020) | Suicide Data Updates and Available Resources | 2021 HIV Surveillance Report

October - CONTENTS: Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program | The SD COVID-19 Pandemic In Review: March 2020 – September 2022

August - CONTENTS: South Dakota School Vaccination Rates - 2021-2022 School Year | Monkeypox Resources | First Two Human West Nile Virus Dectections of 2022 | Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine: Overview and Safety

June - CONTENTS: Colorectal Cancer in South Dakota | Traumatic Brain Injuries in South Dakota | South Dakota School Vaccination Rates

April - CONTENTS: New Statewide Cardiovascular Strategic Plan Released | Register for the Cardiovascular Collaborative Annual Meeting | PRAMS Surveillance Report | 2020 South Dakota Vital Statistics Report: A State and County Comparison of Leading Health Indicators | The Health Behaviors of South Dakotans 2020 | Reducing an Unprecedented Rise in Syphilis Rates

February - CONTENTS: Alcohol-Related Deaths and Hospitalizations | Falls Among Older Adults in South Dakota | 2020 SUDORS Data Report | 2016-2020 Infant Mortality and Prevention Report | The South Dakota Suicide Prevention Plan 2021 Outcomes Report | Enhancing Sun Safety Practices in South Dakota Child Care Settings | Epidemiological Profile of Tuberculosis in South Dakota | South Dakota Cardiovascular Collaborative Progress Report 2017-2021 Released