Welcome to the South Dakota Department of Health's webpage dedicated to licensure for assisted living facilities. Here, you will find essential information about the licensure process, regulations, and requirements for ensuring high-quality care and compliance. Whether you're a facility owner, staff member, or seeking assisted living services, this page will provide you with valuable resources to navigate the licensure procedures and promote a safe and supportive environment for residents. Explore the guidelines, forms, and guidelines available to ensure the well-being of those in assisted living facilities across South Dakota.

South Dakota Assisted Living Centers

SD Assisted Living Administrator Training Course

Staffing Exceptions

Resources for Assisted Living Providers

ARSD 44:70 - Assisted Living Centers

ARSD 44:02:07 - Food Code

ARSD 20:48 - Nurses

SDCL Title 34-12 - Laws for Health Care Facilities

  • The definition for an Assisted Living Center is found at 34-12-1.1

SDCL Title 36 - Laws for Licensing of Professionals