Welcome to the South Dakota Department of Health's webpage on hospital licensure. Here, you can access a comprehensive listing of hospitals in South Dakota. Additionally, we provide valuable resources to enhance transparency and empower consumers. 

For further insights, explore Hospital Compare by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. We strive to ensure quality care and promote informed decision-making for the well-being of all residents.

A hospital is a healthcare institution or facility that provides medical, surgical, and nursing care to patients who require treatment for illness, injury, or other medical conditions. Hospitals typically have a range of medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, and specialized staff, along with advanced medical equipment and facilities to diagnose, treat, and manage various health conditions. They offer a wide spectrum of services, including emergency care, surgery, laboratory testing, imaging, and ongoing medical care. Hospitals play a crucial role in the healthcare system by providing comprehensive medical services, promoting public health, and supporting the well-being of individuals and communities.