Welcome to the South Dakota Department of Health's webpage on ImageTrend for Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Here, you'll find valuable information and resources related to the use of ImageTrend software in the rural health sector. Discover how this innovative tool enhances data collection, analysis, and reporting for EMS providers. Explore the benefits of ImageTrend and gain insights into how it supports efficient emergency response and improves patient care in South Dakota. 

SD ImageTrend Elite Login

The ImageTrend Elite Platform was built for a variety of device platforms. ImageTrend recommends using or procuring device platform, operating system, and a browser combinations that have been tested and on which ImageTrend will support the use of Elite. Elite may also work on other devices yet not tested. 

ImageTrend Requirements

The Elite Viewer list page displays the incidents available to each hospital personnel for reviewing and reporting. Learn about the facts, customizable features, searching, and filter tips. 

Hospital Elite Viewer Information

South Dakota ImageTrend Super Trainers 

By the end of 2017, the Office of Rural Health’s EMS Program will have conducted eleven regional training sessions statewide for the new electronic patient care reporting system—ImageTrend Elite. Following these sessions, ambulance services requesting remedial training or assistance may contact EMS Program staff or any of the below trainers for assistance.  

South Dakota ImageTrend Super Trainers Contacts

Marty Link, Director of EMS and Trauma 
Email: Marty.Link@state.sd.us
Phone: 1-605-367-5372

Lance Iversen, Educational and Professional Standards Coordinator, State Data Manager 
Email: Lance.Iversen@state.sd.us 
Phone: 1-605-394-6027

Bob Hardwick, Central EMS Specialist 
Email: Bob.Hardwick@state.sd.us  
Phone: 1-605-773-4440

Rebecca Baird, Trauma Program Manager, Eastern EMS Specialist 
Email: Rebecca.Baird@state.sd.us 
Phone: 1-605-367-8371

Julie Smithson, Western EMS Specialist 
Email: Julie.Smithson@state.sd.us 
Phone: 1-605-394-5113 

Ambulance services wishing to purchase Elite Field should direct questions/comments to the contact below. Kyle is our sales representative and does not function as a day to day technical advisor.

Kyle Eisenzimmer, Account Executive ImageTrend Sales Product Manager  
Email: Keisenzimmer@ImageTrend.com 
Phone: 952-469-6184 

Based on scheduling, each of the below-named super-trainers will be available to assist ambulance services on the initial setup of the Elite program such as adding users, adding ambulance units, customizing facility lists, and overview of the ImageTrend website and user interface. 

These super-trainers have extensive knowledge of the new platform and are more than willing to assist you during this exciting transition.

Shawn Fischer, Home Community: Sturgis
Email: Shawnf@sturgisgov.com 

Jackie Conlon, Home Community: Hot Springs
Email: Hsash3@hotmail.com 

Jason Culberson, Home Community: Rapid City
Email: Jason.Culberson@rcgov.org 

Doug Glover, Home Community: Mitchell
Email: Hazmatglover@msn.com 

Chuck Hanson, Home Community: Selby 
Email: Chanson35@abe.midco.net

Nicole Neugebauer, Home Community: Armour 
Email: Neugeban@dcmhsd.org 

Tammy VanDam, Home Community: Murdo 
Email: Tammy.van-dam@k12.sd.us 

Gordon Dekkenga, Home Community: Sioux Falls 
Email: Gdekkenga@brookingshealth.org 

Eugene Taylor, Home Community: Sioux Falls 
Email: Sfmedic9@gmail.com