In 2014, the South Dakota Trauma System implemented regional performance improvement (PI). PI is a retrospective look at the care of the trauma patient from initial injury to tertiary care. As part of the designation process, hospitals have established performance improvement review committees in place and actively seek opportunity to further improve the care of the trauma patient; albeit, at a local level.

Regional PI allows for several hospitals, involved health care professionals, and the state trauma system to look at the care of such patients from a regional perspective. This process allows for networking, information sharing, and improved collaboration among all hospital systems in South Dakota.

Regional Review Calendar 2023

Period Reviewed Month of Review Region 1 Region 2 Region 3 Region 4
    Noon/MT-Date Noon/CT-Date Noon/CT-Date Noon/CT-Date
Aug.1 – Oct. 31 January     19th  
Sept. 1 – Nov. 30 February 16th 16th    
Oct. 1 – Dec. 31 March       16th
Nov. 1 – Jan. 31 April     20th  
Dec. 1 – Feb. 29 May 18th 18th    
Jan. 1 – Mar. 31 June       15th
Feb. 1 – Apr. 30 July 20th   21st  
Mar. 1 – May 31 August   17th    
Conference September 12th & 13th 12th & 13th 12th & 13th 12th & 13th
May 1 – July 31 October     19th  
June 1 – Aug. 31 November 16th 16th    
July 1 – Sept. 31 December       14th