Travel Health

Before Travel

Before you travel, take steps to prepare so you can stay safe and healthy during your trip.

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During Travel

Take steps during travel to stay safe and healthy and avoid experiences that might ruin your trip.

  • Couple traveling abroadWash hands often with soap and water
  • Use insect repellent
  • Take care of yourself:
    • Stay hydrated
    • Select food with care
    • Drink bottled water
  • Be aware of germs:
    • Stay 6 feet away from anyone who is sick
    • Avoid crowded areas
    • Consider wearing a mask

After Travel

You may get infected during travel but not have symptoms until you get home. If you recently traveled and feel sick, particularly if you have a fever, talk to your healthcare provider, and tell them about your travel.

  • Calendar marking 21 days after travelMonitor yourself for symptoms while traveling and for 21 days after you return:
    •  diarrhea
    • fever
    • unexplained fatigue
    • cough
    • sore throat
    • rash
    • other severe symptoms 
  • If symptoms occur, let your doctor know that you are sick and where you have traveled prior to your appointment
  • What to tell your doctor:
    • Your symptoms
    • When symptoms started
    • Countries visited
    • Activities while traveling
    • Possible exposures: foods you ate, water you drank, insect bites, medical care received

Your symptoms and activities while traveling help your doctor determine your exposure and directs the diagnosis and treatment

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