SD CLPPP Advisory Committee

The South Dakota Department of Health received a grant through a cooperative agreement (CDC-RFA- EH21-2102) from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the South Dakota Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (SD CLPPP). As part of the funding, the Department of Health created a Lead Advisory Group to provide support and feedback on lead prevention, screening/testing, and follow-up of South Dakota children.


Advisory Group Members

Ashley Lauing, Policy Strategy Manager – Department of Social Services

Kelly Thomas, Laboratorian – Indian Health Service

Mark Mayer, Engineering Manager – Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Matt Cerny, Program Analyst – US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Rea Riggle, Environmental Coordinator – South Dakota Department of Health 

Rochelle Boote, MD – American Academy of Pediatrics (SD Chapter)

Tim Jurgens, Director – LSS Center for New Americans

Advisory Committee Meetings

Group Activities and Goals


  1. Assist in creating statewide recommendations for blood lead testing based on local data.  
  2. Advise on development of an appropriate statewide screening and testing plan based on local data.
  3. Advise on development of an appropriate statewide plan to link children with elevated blood lead levels to recommended services.
  4. Help develop any educational material needed for care providers on screening, testing, and referrals.
  5. Review data and make changes to screening/testing or referral plan as needed.


  1. Improve screening and testing programs for blood lead in children.
  2. Improve referral process for services for children with elevated blood lead levels.