SD Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

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The South Dakota Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (SD CLPPP) cooperative agreement with the CDC contributes toward eliminating childhood lead exposure as a public health problem. The Program provides lead exposure prevention education and support to the families of children exposed to lead.

The Program also maintains surveillance data of blood lead results on children younger than six. Using this data, SD CLPPP can develop and evaluate current efforts to prevent lead poisoning across the state. Data findings will be used to inform medical and health professionals on testing, reporting, and case management. Data collected can help to update outreach activities and educational materials for parents, educators, and health professionals.

Lead is a naturally occurring element found in small amounts in the Earth's crust. It is a toxic metal that can be found in and around homes, in soil, and in some consumer products.

There is no safe amount of lead. Lead can cause learning and behavior problems in children. Lead poisoning is 100% preventable.

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