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Annual Report on the Need for Additional Nursing Facility Beds or Nursing Facilities, 2023

In accordance with state law, the Department of Health, with assistance from the Department of Human Services annually considers the need for additional beds or nursing facilities in the State. If a need for additional beds or nursing facilities is identified, the Department of Health is required to solicit and evaluate proposals to address the identified need. Any facility that receives redistributed beds, or any authorized new facility, is required by law to maintain minimum Medicaid occupancy rates.

South Dakota Healthcare Workforce Report, 2018

Based on population and employment statistics, projections indicate that thousands of healthcare workers will be needed in the healthcare industry in the next decade. This profile of healthcare professions serves as an aid in planning for the healthcare workforce needs in the future. The report draws upon labor statistics, educational preparation data, and current health professions’ licensing registries. The report profiles the healthcare workforce's projected needs in the future and workforce distribution by geography, age, and profession.

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