Training Videos for Vaccine Providers

This web page was created by the South Dakota Department of Health’s Immunization Program to post training videos to assist and educate providers on aspects of the program.

VFC Coordinator Training

An overview of the CDC requirements for participating Vaccines For Children (VFC) providers.


The Vaccine for Children and Storage and Handling YCTS training courses have been updated to include the latest guidelines and recommendations in vaccine practice. The training modules are now available for continuing education.

Storage and Handling 2022

Vaccines for Children Program 2022

For more information, visit the You Call the Shots webpage.

The SD DOH transitioned to a new immunization information system (IIS) vendor platform and is no longer creating user accounts in our legacy system. All users need to complete training to gain access to the new system. If your facility already uses SDIIS, please see this memo with instructions to complete training for our new system.

View Instructional Memo

Need Assistance?

If you have questions or need assistance navigating the STC LMS, such as changing your job role, please contact STC staff at If your facility is NOT using SDIIS, please get in touch with Brett Oakland at to inquire about enrolling your facility in SDIIS.