Suicide is a serious public health problem among youth, young adults, and beyond. In 2021, suicide was the leading cause of death among South Dakotans ages 10-39.

21.5 percent of South Dakota's high school students considered suicide and 11.9 percent of South Dakota's high school students attempted suicide in 2021. While the causes of suicide are complex and caused by multiple factors, the goal of suicide prevention is to reduce factors that make people vulnerable and promote resilience. (Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System)

The resources below offer information on misconceptions about suicide, data, and resources available for anyone experiencing suicidal thoughts or who knows someone who may be suicidal.

Learn About Suicide in SD

Suicide Prevention Video Series

Myths About Suicide

Fact: Most people who commit suicide have communicated their plan beforehand, either clearly or implicitly

Fact: The life circumstances of suicidal individuals is often bad, but those circumstance are survived most people. Death is never a solution.

Fact: Due to their mental state, suicidal people are highly uncertain about taking their life away. They are confused between living and dying.

Fact: A large percentage of people who discuss about or threaten suicide will do it. So, take ALL threats seriously.

Fact: Although the majority of suicidal people are very unhappy, most suicidal acts are committed by people that are not considered as psychotic. Seventy-five percent of people who commit suicide are clinically depressed.