South Dakota Department of Health Announces Milestones in Public Health Improvement Efforts

For Immediate Release: 04/23/2024
Contact: Tia Kafka -

South Dakota Department of Health Announces Milestones in Public Health Improvement Efforts


PIERRE, S.D. - The South Dakota Department of Health (DOH) is proud to announce the completion of the comprehensive State Health Assessment (SHA) and the State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP). These foundational documents mark a significant step forward in our commitment to achieving Public Health Accreditation Board approval and improving health outcomes for all South Dakotans.

“We are entering a transformative era in public health, driven by strategic planning, collective action, and a steadfast resolve to improve health outcomes for every South Dakotan,” said Department of Health Secretary Melissa Magstadt. “Together, we are charting a course towards a healthier future for our state.”
Launched in 2019 and paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the initiative was revitalized in 2022 with the Health Improvement Coalition and the South Dakota Foundation for Medical Care (SDFMC) leading the charge. This effort prioritized community involvement through assessments, conversations, and interviews, leading to the identification of health priorities and strategies with the SDFMC’s guidance.

“The engagement from the community and health care partners across the state is inspiring.  By gathering feedback from every geographic area and population group, we were able to combine personal experiences with data to create an impactful and actionable plan,” added Secretary Magstadt. 

South Dakotans were encouraged to “Make Your Voice Heard” by participating in a priority health indicator assessment, community conversations, and key information interviews. SDFMC compiled responses with credible health and population data and engaged the Health Improvement Coalition and Priority Task Group members in identifying health priorities, goals, objectives, strategies, and assets.
Health partners and stakeholders are encouraged to utilize the data from the SHA and align existing strategies with the SHIP to create greater health impact.

We encourage health partners and the community to explore the SHA and SHIP on the DOH website. These plans highlight our approach to public health, emphasizing transparency, quality improvement, and community engagement. They are dynamic, evolving with ongoing input and evaluation to address health challenges and promote long-term health equity and resilience.

At the heart of the Department of Health’s mission is a simple goal: to protect and improve the health of all South Dakotans. The department is entrusted with the vital task of promoting wellness, preventing disease, and ensuring access to quality healthcare for all South Dakotans.


April 23, 2024


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