Nutramigen Infant Formula Recall – January 2024

Reckitt/Mead Johnson is taking extra caution and recalling certain batches of 12.6 oz and 19.8 oz cans of Nutramigen powder infant formula due to possible Cronobacter sakazkii contamination.  

A formula recall is when stores should stop selling and families stop using a certain type of formula. The recalled formula should not be bought or prepared for babies. Cronobacter sakazakii is a germ or bacteria that can make babies sick. You can learn more about Cronobacter at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website - 

The good news is that no illnesses have been reported so far and no other Nutramigen products or Reckitt/Mead Johnson formula products are impacted. 

This recall should not make it hard to find or buy Nutramigen. Remember that stores will be checking their formula cans and may remove all cans of Nutramigen from the shelves while they do this. 

What should caregivers do? 

Do not buy or use Nutramigen powdered infant formulas that are recalled 

How do I know if my cans of Nutramigen have been recalled? 

  1. Check the can label for the UPC Code. A UPC is the Universal Product code and is the number below the bar code (or group of black lines). 
    1. Nutramigen 12.6 oz cans have a UPC Code of 300871239418

    2. Nutramigen 19.8 oz cans have a UPC Code of 300871239456. 

  1. Check the lot number on the bottom of the can. Recalled products will have BOTH:  

    1. One of the following batch codes: 

      1. ZL3FHG (12.6 oz cans)

      2. ZL3FMH (12.6 oz cans)

      3. ZL3FPE (12.6 oz cans)

      4. ZL3FQD (12.6 oz cans)

      5. ZL3FXJ (12.6 oz cans)

      6. ZL3FRW (19.8 oz cans)

    1. AND a “Use By Date” of 1 Jan 2025
      See example: 

Recalled cans can be brought back to the store for reimbursement or exchange. 12.6 oz cans can be brought to the WIC office if they were part of your child’s current month’s WIC benefits. 

Caregivers can also contact Reckitt with recall questions at 1-800-479-0551 or by email at